5 Employee Health Tips for Fall

Fall is here, which means it’s out with the heat, and in with the turning leaves and cool breezes. In honor of the passing of the seasons, we thought we’d pass along some staff wellness tips to help keep you and your coworkers healthy and happy this fall.

Get a flu shot – Worried you might end up having to take time off work when you inevitably come down with the flu? There’s an easy solution to this problem – get a flu shot! Going to your doctor for an annual flu shot is the best possible way to avoid falling sick this flu season. You’ll be doing yourself and your coworkers a favor.
Drink lots of water – “But what about the common cold?” you might be asking. It’s true that the flu shot doesn’t protect against the cold, but there are ways that you can guard yourself against it. Drinking water boosts the immune system, helping the body fight off invading germs.
Have some pumpkin – As everyone who loves Halloween will tell you, fall is pumpkin season, and, since pumpkins are full of vitamins A and C, enjoying everyone’s favorite squash can also boost your immune system and help you get the right amount of nutrients into your body.
Enjoy the weather – If the summer heat kept you indoors for the last few months, then autumn is the perfect opportunity to make up for lost time outdoors. Take advantage of the moderate weather to get in some running or walking before the winter cold arrives.

Have you been promising yourself you’ll start exercising more any day now? Planning on getting in better shape, but just can’t seem to find the time? We’ve got some good news for you: Fall is here, and it’s the perfect time to start a new fitness routine! Whether you’re making plans with your coworkers to improve worksite wellness or going it alone, here’s a list of reasons why there’s no better time to start exercising than right now.

The weather is mild – In most places in the world, the weather in fall is some of the mildest and most agreeable of the whole year. That means it’s the perfect time to go outside and start running, walking, or jogging before winter arrives and the cold adds one more reason to your list of reasons to put off exercising.
Get in shape for the holidays – The arrival of fall also means that the winter holidays are just around the corner. For most people, the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is a time for indulging in rich foods and taking a break from normal routines. In other words, it’s not a time of year when most people are thinking about exercise. By starting a new fitness routine in the fall, you’ll be able to shed some extra pounds ahead of the winter holidays.
You’ll already have your New Year’s resolution – For all the people who swear every New Year’s Eve that next year will be the year they get in shape, not many people actually follow through on their commitment. If you start getting in shape now, however, you’ll already have a head start on next year’s weight-loss goal.

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