Hacks and tips to stay healthy on a vacation

The holiday season is a magical time for families and friends to get together, spend days together and eat together. But along with holidays comes the notorious ‘holiday weight gain’. Staying healthy doesn’t mean avoiding certain foods but it’s more of staying in moderation with every type of food. Let’s see all the magical tricks which will help you stay healthy on a vacation, actually eat your fries and this too!
Stay true to yourself
Sometimes when people go on a vacation, they tend to eat a lot. They ruin their diet because apparently they’re on a ‘vacation’ thinking to lose weight after going back to the reality. But this isn’t going to help you; you have to be true to yourself. Going on a vacation is not a big thing that you might want to indulge in over-eating. It’s just another normal day.
Quality over anything
Always chose a good quality meal over anything. It’s too normal too eat local food of that place when you visit. Know how they make it, what do they add because that is what it’s all about, quality! Do not compromise if you don’t get good food, you can always chose fruits when you don’t get food.
Let veggies help you
Prior loading yourself with veggies might just save you from consuming unnecessary treats. Veggies would be easily available in every part of world. Vegetables will provide you good satiety with fewer carbohydrates and more of fibre and this will ensure a good gut during travelling.
Eat before you EAT!
When you know what’s the menu is going to be for the day and if you feel not to eat a meal, eat something prior to actually eating. Bulk up with nuts, vegetables, fruits before the meals. Drink 2 glass of water before every meal this will help you eat in proportions and not over-eat.
Enjoy your favourites in a balance
Okay we all know our cravings and what we love to indulge in, our guilt food! Well, while you want to indulge in something that is not so healthy, you need to compensate for what you’ve eaten. Burn those extra calories by walking in the hotel itself. Do some form of exercise to take those calories out so this is how you got what you needed without any regrets.
BYO- Food
This is the best and healthy way to enjoy in a party. Bring your own food! Carry some handy snacks like nuts, fruits, makahnas, and pop corns to the party to avoid eating over there. But yes you can always have some healthy mocktails if you want to indulge in to something there. Keep some healthy protein bars in your purse so while travelling if you miss on some meal you can have those.
Make smart choices on the menu
While eating outside in a restaurant, choose your food wisely. Ask the waiter to explain you if you don’t understand any recipe. Opt for more greens and protein rich food than oily and deep fried foods. Make healthier choices whenever possible.
Water is your friend
In all this vacation chaos, don’t forget to have enough water to keep your inner beauty alive and energised to enjoy the vacation. Always keep water handy! Travelling can dehydrate you especially in summers. Stock up your vehicle, bag, handy bag with water bottles so that you never run out of one.

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