Staying hydrated this Ramadan


Maintaining fluid balance becomes very important during this holy festival of Ramadan. Water is needed to maintain electrolyte, pH of the body as well it helps certain vitamins and nutrients in absorption. During this festival, where most of the Muslims are fasting; it becomes very important to stay hydrated and to know how much water you’re having and summer is the bonus! So in this article we’ll see how to stay hydrated and healthy.
Here are few pointers’ to help you out:
Increase your water intake
Okay this might sound very clichéd but yes it’s very important as well. We have to compulsory drink water before the fasting starts. Increase your water intake even when you’re exercising, compensate for the water lost.
Avoid salty food
Sodium found in salt triggers thirst and this is how we tend to drink a lot of water after having something rich in sodium. Decrease your sodium intake in the food.
Eat more of fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables are 80% composed of water. This is how you will stay hydrated by having fluid and even eating right. These foods stay in your intestine for longer periods and this is how it supresses thirst.
Avoid sugary liquids and juices
Try avoiding breaking your fast with having juices or carbonated beverages. It just contains lots of sugar which will just be a wrong way to break a fast. It will make you gain weight and even will make you feel lethargic, try and just stick with the water.
Choose your clothes wisely
The way you dress during Ramadan of course matters. Try opting for lighter colours than dark or bright colours. Wearing dark clothes affect the temperature of your body hence always choose lighter colours.
Avoid drinks containing caffeine
As much as we love our tea or coffee the fact remains that they’re not good for our health and contains caffeine. Caffeine has diuretic effect on the body which means it increases the production of urine in the body and it makes you lose on your body fluids very fast. So limit your caffeine intake or completely avoid it.
Do not chug all your liquids at one go
Drinking too much water at one go will also flush out it sooner. Drink little amount every 20 minutes. This will ensure you a great hydration and it won’t even flush out the water all together. It’s important to keep a bottle with you wherever you go so it becomes convenient to sip on when you feel thirsty.
Avoid going out in the heat
Exposure to heat is inevitable during summers in India. Try avoiding going out during day time and mostly the peak hours between 12.00pm to 3.00pm. Cover your face, hair and body with appropriate clothes if you have to go out. And do not forget your water bottle.
Have chia seed water
Chia seeds are staple for vegans. They’re high in calcium, protein and fibre. It also helps in reducing inflammation in the body by reducing the free radical attack. They are packed with anti-oxidants and also absorb water, keeping you more hydrated. You can even replace your normal water with having chia seed water, you just need to simply add a spoonful of chia seeds in to your bottle and keep it aside for 10 minutes till they bulge up. Repeat for every time. PS- chia seed and sabja seeds are different.

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