Top 20 Health and Fitness Blogs to Follow in 2018

1. ACE
Known formally as the American Council on Exercise, the ACE is a nonprofit organization that certifies exercise professionals as well as health coaches. Their blog focuses on various fitness topics such as exercises for the lower body, strength training, exercises for agility, and the benefits of these exercises. The ACE is dedicated to helping people move throughout their day to day life as well as providing scientifically supported education and information to fitness enthusiasts, professionals, coaches, and trainers. Their end goal is to make an impact on preventable diseases related to inactivity and sedentary lifestyles by 2035.

2. The Fitnessista
You’ve heard of a fashionista, but what about a “fitnessista?” This clever blog is run by fitness director, personal trainer, and weight loss specialist from San Diego, Gina Harney. Harney’s lifestyle blog takes inspiration from her life as a mother of two who also makes time for quick and effective workouts throughout her day. She writes about healthy and family-friendly recipes you can make, how she incorporates workouts that can be done anywhere (like in the store or on a park bench!), and more. Her words are for everyone, but mothers will find her blog especially helpful and enlightening!

3. Born Fitness
Born Fitness was developed as a program designed to make taking care of yourself easier and stress-free. This means that all the headache around your health, nutrition decisions, and fitness practices are taken away in favor of easy and effective lifestyle changes. The blog is perfect for readers looking to lose weight, eat a better diet, live longer, gain muscle, or achieve another fitness goal. In addition, the blog is perfect for readers in all stages of their fitness journey whether they are beginners or fitness experts and enthusiasts. The posts are comprehensive, fun to read, easy to understand, and simple to execute.

4. Run To The Finish
We get it — running is the Worst, but Run to the Finish might just change our minds on that. This blog is all about motivation and handy tips about running for beginners, experienced runners, and seasoned runners. Whether you’re training for a 5k, looking to take a jog around your neighborhood, or just running from the idea of running itself, Run to the Finish has awesome information that you can really use. The majority of their blog posts talk about ways to get your body in shape with the help of running as well as warm-up tips, training exercises, and more. This site also has recipes, product reviews, profiles of well-known runners, and much more. Whether you love running or hate it, this blog is one to watch.

5. Fitness on Toast
Fitness on Toast was founded by Faya Nilsson, a personal trainer who writes about nutrition, fitness, health, fashion, and travel. Her blog’s clever name was born when she moved to the UK and was taken in by how many foods are eaten on toast – and you can expect the same amount of cleverness in her posts. Due to her wide range of topics, there are sure to be relevant posts for a variety of readers to enjoy and learn from. Her blog is all about inspiration, advice, and useful tips to live a happy, healthy lifestyle, so add her to your bookmark tab asap.

6. Love Sweat Fitness
Created by a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, Katie Dunlop, Love Sweat Fitness is all about finding inspiration to live your happiest life in your healthiest body. Dunlop began her blog because she felt she needed a lifestyle and health change after college. Discouraged with fad diets and workout trends, Dunlop began the search for a simple yet effective workout and fitness lifestyle that offered real results. Her blog is fun, informative, and honest, offering readers a weekly workout, inspiring quotes, delicious and healthy recipes to create as well as all the information you might need about weight loss struggles, how hard a fitness journey can be, and the fruits of one’s labor when they stick with it. If you want a healthier you in 2018, you have got to follow this blog.

7. Travel Strong
Traveling might seem like the absolute worst time to stick to a diet or fitness routine: you’re sitting long hours, trying new food, and looking to relax rather than work. Travel Strong, however, thinks that traveling is a great time to stay fit. How? Travel Strong is all about providing their readers with useful nutrition advice and fitness information that you can use no matter where you are. Many of the posts offer tutorials and how-to guides for 20-minute workouts, healthy food choices when dining out, and healthy lifestyle choices that are especially important when traveling. If you travel frequently for business, have a big trip coming up this year, or just find this information useful, this blog is perfect for you.

8. Workout Nirvana
Workout Nirvana is one of the top fitness blogs on the web. Its articles cover everything from strength training and workout routines to how to prevent injuries and lose weight. Workout Nirvana also offers excellent information on how to improve your fitness journey and keep pushing your goals, information specified for women’s and men’s health, as well as emotional support articles for when the fitness journey gets stressful. If you want to reach Workout Nirvana, follow this blog.

9. Nerd Fitness
If you’ve ever felt out of place in a gym or just in life, this is the blog for you. Nerd Fitness is a community of “outcasts” and “misfits” ready to help you get into shape. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, Nerd Fitness has something for you. Whether you want to learn how to eat better, are overweight and looking to lose some pounds, facing weight-related health issues, or just looking to find a community while also enhancing your health, Nerd Fitness is ready to come alongside you and help. This blog offers uplifting fitness stories from community members, workouts to make you superhero strong, helpful information to explain why and when a diet or workout routine might not be working, and much more. Whether you’re nerdy or not, this is a great blog to bookmark so you can “level up your life!”

10. 12 Minute Athlete
12 Minute Athlete itself is not a blog but an app that helps users do HIIT workouts without having to hit the gym. Founded by Krista Stryker, this app makes the workouts quick and easy for users on the go. On her blog, Stryker writes about different workout routines and examples while also offering inspiration to readers about how they can meet their own personal fitness goals. The workout examples also come with handy illustrations for visual learners looking at the app or the online blog.

11. Cranky Fitness
If you’ve ever felt cranky about your fitness journey, this blog shares your sentiments. Informational with a touch of well-placed humor, Cranky Fitness is a blog all about nutrition, weight-loss, and of course, overall fitness. With posts written by the hilarious “Crabby McSlacker,” you’ll definitely be able to relate to all the ups and downs that come with getting in shape. You can even reach out to Crabby directly if you have any questions, comments, want to share your story, or thank her for all the laughs she provides when things are feeling extra tough. Even if you have the highest hopes for your fitness journey, you know there will be times when you feel annoyed, tired and just downright cranky. Luckily, this blog is ready to commiserate, encourage, and inspire. Our 2018 list wouldn’t be complete without it.

12. Simply Shredded
This blog was founded by James Follacchio and has gained popularity in recent years thanks to its insightful featurettes and interviews with well-known bodybuilders. A great blog for men and women looking to lose fat, gain muscle and sculpt their bodies into their ideal shapes. The blog comes with motivational pictures, great articles on how to lose weight, tone, gain muscle, and more. If you’re into developing and accentuating your assets, this is a great resource.

13. Gym Talk
Gym Talk combines humor with great information into one super cool blog. It offers great posts about health, fitness, nutrition, workout tips, supplement reviews, and much more. Their various posts have amazing advice for readers at all points of their fitness journey and a whole humor section to ease the stress when the fitness journey gets a little bumpy.

14. Yoga Dork
Yoga is one of the oldest forms of exercise and meditation in the world, so of course a blog dedicated to Yoga deserves to be on our list. Yoga Dork is all about Yoga, from stories and tips about Yoga to ideas, fitness programs, and workouts created around Yoga. Of course, while Yoga is the main topic, it is not the only topic. Yoga Dork’s blog goes over a range of topics that deal with health, physical wellness, spiritual wellness, and social movements. This blog is also a great way to stay up to date with different facets of life in 2018, making it a great one to follow.

15. The Lean Green Bean
Founded by Lindsay Livingston, a registered dietician, The Lean Green Bean is a blog about nutritional advice for a healthy lifestyle. Livingston’s posts are especially helpful for parents looking to help picky eaters find nutritious meals, recipes for healthy snacks, and advice for keeping a fit and healthy life while raising children. The recipes, tips, ideas, and meal reviews offer a wide array of new things to try and encouragement for the ups and downs of your personal fitness journey.

16. Black Girls Run!
Founded by Toni and Ashley in 2009, Black Girls Run has blossomed into an amazing community that reaches out to women and encourages them to get out and run. Black Girls Run! was founded to combat the obesity epidemic amongst the African American community, where diseases like diabetes and hypertension can be prevalent due to lifestyle and genetics. On their blog, you’ll find tons of useful information on running and other cardio workouts, as well as access to running groups across the United States. In addition, this blog offers cool product and gear reviews, interview with women who have actually changed their lives and transformed their health by running. Of course, this blog is for all readers, men and women. Black Girls Run! is a movement, so check it out in 2018.

17. Fit Bottomed Girls
If you’re looking for fitness tips from real people and not fit and perfect Instagram models and influencers, Fit Bottomed Girls is perfect. Founded by two women as a simple blog with a title reference to a Queen Song, Fit Bottom Girls has basically gone viral and is reaching thousands of readers, men and women, from all around the world every month. The focus of this blog is that “fit bottoms” come in all shapes and sizes and that there is no such thing as looking perfect because each body is perfect in its own way. With great fitness workouts and tips for various exercises, useful motivational content, nutrition facts, tips, recipes, and resources, Fit Bottom Girls really has it all. In addition to their great blog, Fit Bottom Girls’ site has coaching resources, a podcast, reviews of products and workout routines, workout playlists and music suggestions, and much more. If you’re going to follow any blog in 2018, this has got to be it.

18. Blogilates
One of the best exercises out there is Pilates. Great for toning, strength training, cardio, and calisthenics, Pilates hits all the right spots and can help you along your fitness journey in major ways. Blogilates combines the popular fitness trend with the usefulness of a blog by offering all the great information on the topic in one place. Videos, how-tos, personal stories, and workout calendars are just part of what this blog has to offer, making it a great hub of information, tips, and even activities. When you follow this blog, you can join in on challenges, find awesome recipes, and get inspired by before and after photos of other people on their fitness journeys.

19. Spot Me Bro
Need a little humor with your fitness blog? Spot Me Bro has you covered. This site and blog offer informative and humorous articles on all things fitness and tailored especially for “bros.” With articles about famous actors and bodybuilders, the effects of steroids and testosterone injections, and different fitness routines, this fun and funny blog offers some useful information. Even if you’re not a “bro,” you may find you’ll learn something new from the guys at Spot Me Bro.

20. Roman Fitness Systems
Roman Fitness Systems is all about helping their readers achieve their fitness goals through the use of sound information and helpful tips. The site focuses on two things: “making people hot,” or “getting people huge,” which means losing weight or gaining muscle. Roman Fitness Sytems was founded in the early 1970s by John Romaniello and designed to transform clients into better and stronger versions of themselves. In addition to their hard-hitting articles on topics ranging from how to stop overeating, doctors, and even fostering healthy friendships, the site also offers great products, coaches, and fitness programs.

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